Patients who hear the words “false teeth” often think of unsightly, fake appliances used by their grandparents. Fortunately, the area of dentistry that focuses on tooth replacement has made tremendous strides in the last decade. Now, false teeth, or “dentures,” are much more natural in appearance and fit and function better than before. There are more options available to patients today to choose from when it comes to full and partial dentures, including implant-supported alternatives. Drs. Ty Jaros, Jacob Gubrud and Robert Gemmell, here in Eugene, OR, work directly with patients to customize a treatment plan and help them choose the dental restoration that works best in their particular situation.

What is a full or partial denture?

The full and partial dentures are two of several tooth replacement options available at Distinctive Dentistry. The partial denture is a removable restoration. It is made of a metal framework and uses false teeth that slide into place when the denture is pushed into the dental arch. For patients who are missing all their teeth in the dental arch, the complete denture might be the option. An acrylic restoration includes false teeth and gums and is held in place with denture adhesives. Full dentures restore function to the smile and are recommended for those with significant tooth loss.

Can I eat and sleep with dentures?

Dentures allow patients to enjoy all their favorite foods and should be in place when eating. However, when patients are asleep, they are encouraged to remove their denture and soak it overnight to keep it moist. It can soak in water or a denture cleaning solution.

What about implant-supported dentures?

Patients who want the optimum solution for missing all the teeth may wish to ask their dentist if they are candidates for implant-supported dentures. These are dentures secured with dental implants along the dental arch for the best fit and function.

Ready to learn more about removable partial dentures or full dentures?

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