Digital dental x-rays and why they are important

Dr. Ty Jaros, Dr. Jacob Gubrud and Dr. Robert Gemmell of Distinctive Dentistry in Eugene, OR, utilize the latest digital x-rays and scanning technology. Digital x-rays allow for detailed images of the mouth with a fraction of the exposure that occurs with traditional dental x-rays. Using this technologically advanced option, patients can enjoy the safety, time savings, and better treatment outcomes.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Digital dental x-rays are considerably safer than traditional x-rays as they expose the patient to far less radiation.

What is a digital dental x-ray?

Instead of using film to create an image after radiation exposure, digital dental x-rays produce a digital radiographic image which uses far less radiation to achieve detailed images that can be viewed and stored on a computer. It is even better for the environment as it eliminates the need for chemicals to develop the film and see the dental image.

Are dental x-rays necessary?

Dental x-rays allow a dentist to see below the gumline and within the tooth. With dental x-rays, various issues can be spotted. This imaging can help a dentist see an infection inside a tooth, the size of an area of decay, or even bone loss in the jaw that might be occurring. By viewing the smile in this manner, Dr. Ty Jaros, Dr. Jacob Gubrud and Dr. Robert Gemmell can diagnose conditions well before they are spotted physically, taking a proactive approach to one’s oral health.

How are dental x-rays stored?

Because our dental x-rays are digital, they can easily be stored on our computers. This allows the dental team to pull up x-ray images as needed for reference or send the information to a dental insurance company for treatment approval.

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