Periodontal therapy can be a crucial step to saving teeth

Approximately 47% of the adult population in the United States experiences periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease. In fact, it is the principal cause of tooth loss in adult patients. Many patients have experienced tooth loss due to this chronic deterioration of the supporting structures of the teeth. With the help of the dedicated team at Distinctive Dentistry here in Eugene, patients can keep periodontal disease from forming and maintain healthy smiles.

What causes gum disease?

Poor oral hygiene habits often cause periodontal disease. While there are healthy bacteria in the mouth, there are harmful bacteria as well. When patients eat unhealthy foods high in sugars and acids, they bond with these bacteria to create a sticky substance known as plaque. Plaque sticks to the teeth and can harden into tartar, increasing bacteria and the risk of periodontal disease.

How is periodontal disease diagnosed?

Using a periodontal probe, the dental team at Distinctive Dentistry can measure the spaces between the teeth and gums. It is a reliable indicator of periodontal disease, as it measures the area where bacteria can rest and gives the dentist and hygienist an idea of how much bone and gum loss has occurred. In addition to our periodontal measuring devices, we utilize the latest scan and x-ray technology that gives us an in depth view of the jaw, bone and other supporting structures. A physical evaluation of the smile can also indicate periodontal disease, especially if the gum tissues are red and inflamed. You can rest assured that our team is very thorough in our periodontal exams and treatment.

Healing after periodontal treatment

Patients will find that with proper care and time to heal, the smile can become more attractive and harbor less harmful bacteria, stopping the progression of periodontal disease and taking steps in the right direction towards controlling it.

Maintenance matters!

We can’t stress enough how important regular dental cleanings and periodontal treatment are. We welcome you to book an appointment with the staff at Distinctive Dentistry. Call (541) 255-1287 to request an appointment with one of our amazing hygienists. We are conveniently located at 1775 River Road and accept new patients and families.