The importance of orthodontic screenings

During early childhood, most dentists can tell if a patient may benefit from orthodontics in the future. Orthodontics is the correction of misaligned teeth and bite patterns. This can be accomplished in different ways based upon each individual’s condition, but is sometimes addressed with traditional braces or Invisalign trays. The team at Distinctive Dentistry may perform early orthodontic screenings on young children and teenagers. Many patients present with issues such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, crooked teeth, or spaced teeth. An orthodontic screening is something that is included in each of our thorough exams and is a great way to determine if a patient is a good fit for orthodontics now or in the future.

Do I need orthodontia?

Many parents think of teenagers when it comes to metal brackets and wire braces, but some children can benefit from earlier interventions. Drs. Robert Gemmell and Ty Jaros can evaluate children very early on to determine if they may need work now or in the future. Certain bites can cause issues that can contribute to more invasive and expensive services later, so having a thorough dental exam at a young age can significantly reduce these risks.

What type of orthodontia do I need?

The type of orthodontic work needed varies depending on the specific issues at hand. Orthodontic work may include metal brackets and wire braces used on the front or the back of the teeth. Additionally, mild to moderate cases of misalignment might be resolved with more cosmetic alternatives such as Invisalign or other clear aligner trays. During an evaluation, our dental team can make recommendations regarding the best option for an individual based on their current situation and the desires they have for their final smile. A referral can be made to an orthodontist in the neighborhood that is well-known and well-respected.

Learn about orthodontic screening and treatment today

Here at Distinctive Dentistry, Drs. Robert Gemmell and Ty Jaros encourage children, adolescents, teens and adults to be attentive to the alignment of their smiles and the problems that can exist if orthodontic work is not done. Our office is located in Eugene, OR at 1775 River Road and accepts new patients. Book an appointment by calling (541) 255-1287.