Eugene OR patients can enjoy ceramic crowns for restoring their smiles

Ceramic crowns are ceramic tooth restorations that are commonly used in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry. These porcelain restorations are used to cover the visible portion of a tooth above the gum line. They are placed in various situations, making them a versatile repair for several different issues. At Distinctive Dentistry, Dr. Ty Jaros, Dr. Jacob Gubrud and Dr. Robert Gemmell believe in using these restorations as needed to repair the smile’s appearance, health, and function.

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns can be a restorative solution for patients with damaged or missing teeth. When the restorative crown is made of porcelain and fabricated, it can be made to match the patient’s remaining teeth. It covers the tooth and offers an extra layer of protection and strength when needed.

When might I need a ceramic tooth crown?

Dental crowns are often used in various situations. Below are just a few examples of when a dentist might recommend the fabrication and placement of a dental crown for a patient:

  • To restore a tooth that is permanently stained or unusually shaped.
  • To cover a tooth with significant damage or existing large fillings that are failing and/or allowing bacteria to enter the tooth
  • To connect to a dental implant abutment and replace a single missing tooth.
  • To fuse to false teeth, referred to as pontics, to create a porcelain dental bridge for one or more missing teeth.
  • To protect a tooth that might become weak or brittle after procedures such as root canal therapy.

What can I expect when obtaining a dental crown?

First, patients will need to consult with their dentist to make sure a dental crown is a viable option for them. Then, the tooth that the crown will be placed on is prepared with the removal of natural tooth enamel all the way around. Impressions are made, sent to a laboratory, and a temporary crown is bonded over the prepared tooth. The dental lab then creates a crown from the patient’s impressions and returns it to Distinctive Dentistry. The temporary crown is then removed and the final restorative crown is bonded in place.

CERAC Same day crowns

CEREC crowns can be made and placed in a single appointment. Single appointment crowns do not require messy impression materials and eliminate the need to wear uncomfortable temporary crowns. Our single appointment crowns are designed using digital impressions that eliminate any fabrication errors, and are constructed out of a single block of porcelain or zirconium that is color matched to result in an extremely strong, aesthetically beautiful and custom fitting crown.

Do you believe you need a porcelain crown?

Whether you need crowns or even an alternative solution such as porcelain veneers, Dr. Ty Jaros, Dr. Jacob Gubrud and Dr. Robert Gemmell can assist in choosing the restorative solution right for you. Call the office at (541) 255-1287 to request a consultation appointment with our team. We are conveniently located in Eugene, OR at 1775 River Road.