Tooth loss impacts more than just the appearance of the smile. It can cause patients to experience difficulty chewing or speaking and can leave space behind that allows the remaining teeth to shift out of place. That can cause significant misalignment and even bite changes. When patients face tooth loss, they need to work with a dental professional as early as possible to discuss tooth replacement options. Drs. Ty Jaros, Jacob Gubrud and Robert Gemmell of Distinctive Dentistry encourage patients to consider the advantages of porcelain fixed bridges.

What is a porcelain bridge?

Drs. Ty Jaros, Jacob Gubrud and Robert Gemmell describe the porcelain bridge as a fixed dental appliance made to restore one or more teeth in a row within the smile. The porcelain bridge can replace the front teeth or the teeth near the back of the mouth. It all depends on the patient’s current dental situation. Porcelain bridges are made of porcelain, a material known for replicating the appearance of natural tooth enamel. These restorations are also fabricated to match the patient’s existing teeth to ensure seamless integration when placed. The bridge includes false teeth called pontics fused to dental crowns on each side for placement.

Why might I consider a porcelain bridge?

There are many choices for patients to choose from when seeking tooth replacement solutions, including dental implants and dentures. However, porcelain bridges can be a great way to replace teeth for many of our patients. These restorations are more permanent than a partial denture, which requires removal and replacement, and are more affordable than expensive dental implants. Discussing your current situation with our team is the best way to decide if a porcelain bridge is right for you.

Discuss your restoration options with our team at Distinctive Dentistry in Eugene, OR

With a wide range of restorative options available to patients, individuals must work routinely with their dentist to obtain the repair most appropriate for their unique situation. Drs. Ty Jaros, Jacob Gubrud and Robert Gemmell work with patients to give them affordable, beautiful, and practical solutions to their primary dental concerns. Patients can visit our office at 1775 River Road or call at (541) 255-1287 to schedule an appointment with our team.