We offer safe and effective professional teeth whitening

Everyone desires a beautiful, bright white smile, but certain lifestyle choices and conditions can cause staining and discoloration of the surfaces of the teeth. That can cause the smile to lose its brilliance and beauty. In situations such as this, it might be time to talk to your dentist about professional teeth whitening solutions.

Professional teeth whitening solutions for patients

Patients with mild discoloration may find that over-the-counter whitening products, such as strips and trays, will suffice. These are affordable kits that patients use in the privacy of their own homes to brighten the natural tooth enamel and achieve a smile they’re proud to share with others. However, some patients with deeper, darker staining may require the assistance of a dental professional for ideal results. Dr. Gemmell and Dr. Jaros of Distinctive Dentistry encourage patients to ask about professional options if they are unhappy with the color of their teeth.

What type of whitening is available at Distinctive Dentistry?

Dr. Gemmell and Dr. Jaros are excited to offer a professional-strength bleaching gel and tray kit that can brighten the smile quickly and easily. Patients come into the office to have their trays made using impressions to ensure proper fit and function. They are sent home with prescription-strength whitening gels. Patients are instructed on the use of the gels and trays to wear over the teeth for a specific period each day. The teeth are gradually whitened until patients reach their desired shade. Touch-up treatments may be done routinely to maintain the results.

Is teeth whitening safe?

The whitening gel formula used at our practice is more concentrated and of better quality than anything available over the counter at the local drugstore. However, when used correctly, whitening the teeth with these gels is perfectly safe! In addition to Dr. Gemmell and Dr. Jaros, our team of Registered Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and Front Desk staff are trained and experienced to share their knowledge of our teeth whitening techniques if you have any questions.

Learn more about teeth whitening with our team of dental professionals

At Distinctive Dentistry, Dr. Robert Gemmell and Dr. Ty Jaros believe in providing Eugene, OR, area patients with safe, effective and long lasting solutions for their smiles. If you are located in the community or surrounding areas and are ready to speak to a professional about whitening options, call the office today at (541) 255-1287. We are conveniently located at 1775 River Road and accept new patients and families.